X Files Season 10 Episode 6 Rewrite

X-Files Episode 6 – Movie version – rewrite

After watching the final episode of Season 6, I was very disappointed. So much opportunity lost. Below is what I believe should happen.

This story happens over a week. Monday – Friday.


Mulder and Scully receive Intel that a mass terrorist attack is planed for America. A mass manufactured virus will be released within days.

Believing is to be the alien virus released, Scully continues to research into her DNA and Mulder goes off in search of more info.

The Media starts reporting of the Terrorist Attack and political figures go live saying they are doing their best to find out what is happening and working hard to stop it. This reinforces the intel Mulder and Scully receive.

Soon people start to report illnesses. A general sickness and head to hospitals and clinics all over America. The media reports that Hospitals are filling up, that the Mass terrorist attack has started, to stay at home and stock up on supplies.

The CDC and WHO sends out press releases saying that a Virus has been detected, they are working on an antigen and to please stay calm.

The underground conspiracy groups start to get mainstream attention, with everyone pointing at different causes. Suddenly groups that would never get mainstream time are able to spread their theories to the nation, further causing stress, confusion and chaos.

The conspiracy groups state that Terrorists will attack the power and water infrastructure. Bring America to its knees.

With the whole nation believing they are going to die, and with a sickness hanging over them, riots start, without anyone working, shops close and food shortages start. Shops are smashed

Mulder and Scully, are worried they will run out of time trying to decode the alien DNA. They go off in search of information and head straight for the source, Smoking Man.

Along the way they talk to people who reinforce that something is in motion and to stay away, not to worry, they have been chosen, they will not be harmed, they will a group will not be impacted and once this is all over, will repopulate the country.

The media starts to report that water and power is shutting down over the country, the conspiracy groups continue to feed opinion that this is the continuation of the attack and soon American will be powerless, with money having no value.

No power or running water and the knowledge that a virus will kill them any day. With hospitals full, traffic chaos. No working fuel supplies, the nation goes into mass panic. People are killing to protect their food, dying from no resources.

Their virus symptoms are made worse by the stress, lack of food and limited clean water.

Thousands of people are dying in the cities. Their bodies are everywhere, with no one working, there is no one to pickup the dead, further stressing out the population that the virus is spreading and taking affect. Cities appear as war zones, only without the war.

Mulder goes rouge to find The Smoking Man and stop what is happening.

Scully continues to research the virus, taking samples from those that have died and the sick. Trying to locate what is happening, trying to find the missing link, is it alien DNA?

Mulder gets his wish, finding that The Smoking Man. His evil group are stationed far away in the mountains, in a building that is completely self powered. With security at every point. Mulder tries to sneak in, only to be caught and to his surprises, they were expecting him, letting him into the building and a meeting with The Smoking Man is setup.

The scene goes something like this:

Welcome Mulder, we have been expecting you, you are one of the chosen, those that helped create this event and who will benefit from the cleansing.

Mulder: I want no part of this, I’m here to put a stop to it.

SM: But you are a part of this, in some ways you are the spark that allowed all this to happen. When I first heard about your work, and that you were getting close to our work, our first thought was to eliminate you, like the others, however, you were different, less focused, and you had a following of sorts. These underground groups with crazy ideas seemed to be connected to you. I intervened and put you under my control. Kept you close, but not too close. Spoon fed you enough info that you would believe it, your under ground conspiracy groups would believe you, but you would never be allowed enough evidence to prove anything.

Mulder: I have never been part of anything to do with this.

SM: And that is what I’ve wanted you to believe for a long time. Its all about belief, You truly believed you were in control and the little pieces of information kept you focused and dedicated to the path. You see, the Alien Crash, people being abducted, its all true, we or rather the group have been testing the alien crafts and experimenting for a long time. However nothing has come of it.

Mulder: Apart from the mass virus killing us all.

SM: laughs if only that was true. You see, this is not a virus in the same way that you might think, this is .. a virus of the mind. What if I told you that there is no biological weapon, no alien virus, just the common flu.

Mulder: I wouldn’t believe you.

SM: Exactly. You wouldn’t. You see, the power of suggestion is much more powerful than any biological weapon. Making people believe, believe the truth you’ve fed them, is much more interesting, people will walk into a building and blow themselves up for a truth. And unlike a biological weapon, there is no evidence or paper trail to follow. Everyone will simply assume the person is crazy, and that they aren’t.

Mulder: get to the point, I haven’t time for this.

SM: You have all the time in the world, Mulder. You see, I’m quite proud of my work. I once heard about a tribe of aborigines that had a ritual, if someone did something horribly bad, the elders would force them to swallow a rock and then be forced to leave the group, walk alone. The person who swallowed the rock would be found dead days later.

SM: researches came and tried to find out why the person died, what was in the rock, they searched all the chemicals known to man, checked if the rock causes damage. Nothing would explain why the person died. You know what their conclusion was?

Mulder: that the spirits killed him?

SM: close, they concluded that he died by his own will. The elders and people so strongly believed that this ritual would kill them, that they believed themselves to death.

Mulder: You’re saying that there is no virus? That you are asking the American public to will themselves dead?

SM: Excellent, however with a little push. We simply modified the last influenza shot all business and public health people get, to instead of being a dead virus, we put a few live ones in there. Luckily everyone gets the flu shot around the same time. Very simple yet very effective. And then we let the mind do the rest. Suggest that a Terrorist attack is imminent, reinforce the belief that a deadly virus is spreading through the media, give a platform for all your friends to voice their beliefs of End Times, beliefs that no right minded person would believe, unless the whole world is crumbling around them..

Mulder: Then cut off the power and water-

SM: No. No. That would take far too much coordination. And for what benefit? While our infrastructure may be almost automated, much of it isn’t and still requires man to perform actions to keep it running, if man is distracted by a killer virus, he isn’t likely to turn up for work that day. Without humans, the safety systems will kick in and everything shuts down. Helping to fuel the seeds planted by your friends end times ideas. An added bonus, all we need to do afterwards is turn it all back on.

Mulder: You turned everyone’s fears into their own reality.

SM: Exactly. Everything that keeps society running is based on flow, from the people that grow the food, to the retail shops that sell it. No one keeps inventory for a rainy day, its too costly, so to collapse the system, we only need to remove a few key pieces to have the most impact.

Mulder: Can I leave?

SM: You are one of the chosen; you can do anything you like, leave if you like, it won’t make a bit of difference, there is nothing you can do now, another week or two and the population will be halved or more if we are lucky. Allowing us to rebuild and become stronger.

Mulder quickly exits and calls Scully. Informing that it’s all a Lie (key Mulder phrase.) There is no Alien DNA, or there may have been, but this all is just a distraction, a mass distraction, to make us believe we are dying. Believe it so strongly that we convince our bodies to fail. And those that don’t believe will be caught up trying to stay alive in a Mass hysteria of people trying to find enough to eat.

Mulder and Scully meet back at a Lab.

Scully: You say that we are all dying because we believe we will die? A placebo bioweapon Terrorist attack?

Mulder: Yes, designed by pure evil, planting seeds of the possibility through media, movies, the Internet. Once the idea that this could happen throughout the Nation hit critical mass. All we required was for the trusted authorities to tell us it is happening and we all believe it.

Scully: But if there is no virus, nothing actually killing us but our own beliefs, how do we stop it? How do we stop a placebo?

Mulder: With another placebo! Scully, What if we made a cure?

Scully: A placebo cure? You want me to make sugar pills for the Nation?

Mulder: Yes, But it has to appear to come from a source of Truth, A body so trusted that people will believe without any logical thoughts getting in the way. I know exactly who and you are the perfect person to deliver it.

Next Scene: Large Catholic Church. Meeting of heads of different churches are discussing the crises. Mulder and Scully enter. Scully speaks to the group.

Scully: Thank you all for meeting at short notice. We need your help. My Lab has discovered a cure to the Terrorist disease that has spread cross our nation. However with communications limited and no power and limited fuel, we have no way to deliver this cure to everyone quickly. We need your help, we need all the churches to spread the word to come to a church and receive this cure as quickly as possible and then immediately get back to work to help others receive the cure. Only 1 pill is required, taking more won’t make any difference, there are no side effects.

Final scenes, people lining up at churches to receive the pill. People leaving hospitals. Cleanup operations begin. A TV set appears back on in a shop window, after power being restored. It’s a news reporter stating that the cure has worked, everyone has been cured of this terrorist attack, we will remain strong, we will rebuild.

Final scene with Smoking Man.

Group: 10%, 10%! That is all. It only lasted 5 days! This was supposed to go for weeks. And all because of a Pill, a pill that is nothing! (throws it at SM). Since it appears to be your two little puppets that have cut loose their strings and done this, what do you have to say?

SM: A setback, sure. But we know it works. While we will have to wait a few years before trying this again in America, I see no reason to stop our plans for other countries. Those without the benefit of the Internet telling them otherwise.