Threading a Beard

From Wikipedia: Threading is an ancient method of hair removal originating in India.[1] In more recent times it has gained popularity in Western countries, especially with a cosmetic application (particularly for removing/shaping eyebrows). The Hypothesis: My partner mentioned that threading removed hair for weeks. What if? I got my face threaded? Then there would be no shaving for weeks! I would only need to go back every few weeks to remove the new hairs. The Test: My partner had befriended a lovely Indian threading expert in Marylands, Western Sydney. We had a chat and a decision was made to grow my facial hair out enough for the thread to grip, then come back and give it a go. IMG_0008 Not a flattering PIC. However it shows the commitment to let others know before they try. I lie down on the table, baby powered is applied and thread is unrolled. After a, painful 30+ minutes we have the below: DuringAfter I leave feeling manly. Enduring pain that did bring tears to my eyes and now I have something to show for it., a hairless face and no need to shave. However, only the larger hairs were successfully pulled out. Requiring a follow up visit in 2 weeks. This is where the great idea started to show weaknesses. In order to thread the hair, it needed to be long enough. And since facial hair grows at different rates, it meant I looked like a teenager trying to grow his first beard, and not very successfully. Removing the desire of always wake up with a perfect face! Here is 12 Days later: After12Days We return to the threading place and go again. Interestingly, the second time around with hairs a little smaller and younger was, yes you guess it, fricken painful. Especially the soul patch and any tiny hairs close to the lips. The pain is impossible to describe. I can only conclude that the soul patch has alternative evolutionary reasons and therefor full of nerve endings. Each one screamed as it was pulled out. On a plus, I have discovered the perfect torture. The after effect: 2ndTimeThread Still a few hairs left. However, after 12 days, the same issue arose. Those hairs that were too short to grab grew up and again I looked like a pubescent teen trying desperately to impress the girls without any luck. Being a little over the threading, my partner pulled out the wax. Normally I would freak at the sight of hot wax being poured over my face, however, by this time I was somewhat desensitized to having things ripped out by women. WaxBeforeAfter Look away: IMG_0864 Still Hairs even after all that pain… A few days later the razor came out and the experiment was over. The Conclusion: Removing facial hair on a mas scale doesn’t work when facial hair doesn’t all grow at the same time. In addition, having a few extra hairs hanging around may be fine for other parts of the body, but our face is very communicative, and my communication wasn’t what I had in mind. The only other option is burning the hair follicle with lasers. But that is permanent. I’m not ready for that….