Short Film Ideatwist X 2 Love Connections

Short Film Idea:

We start out with a normal person sending texts, phone calls with the partner. etc. We see her husband and her in the house etc.

After a little while we see a slight disconnect between the life over instant messaging and the life at home. Many times we here the partner name said lovingly over the phone and over instant messaging. So there isn’t different names said at any time.

1/4 way in we notice that the partner has an old flip phone and maybe s/he comments how the guys at work think s/he should upgrade to a smart phone. The co ff ffff fnversation is directed that smart phones are overrated.

Audience “So if the partner isn’t using a smart phone..”

We see more phone communication inc phone calls. The Picture of the person calling is the same as the partner.

Friends and work mates see don’t have any reason to not assume the partner is the one being communicated too.

1/2 way in we see a dinner date from afar. The partner looks the same… from a distant nce.

3/4 at home, in the shower. The partner sees the phone ringing and then notices the picture is himself. He doesn’t answer it and turns back to what s/he was doing.

Filler with audience knowing the partner knows and wondering who this person is.

Another Dinner Date. Now we see the person up close. We find out it isn’t someone who looks the same, the partner IS the same. Audience thinks this is the actual partner. But they act very loving. so it can’t be.

Scene of the actual partner looking into the restaurant and watching.

So it must be two people?

Back home. Partner is sitting on a couch in another house. Lights on and appears to be waiting.

The loving couple enter kissing and are surprised by the actual partner sitting on the couch.

We learn that the actual partner is very stable, earns good income, likes everything in its place. A perfect stable partner but not loving.

His twin brother is the exact opposite romantic, loving has fun but can’t hold down a job. not a family man, not marrying material.

Once its all out in the open, there is a final twist. The actual partner is OK with this. Loving is not something the partner was good at and really wanted to focus on work and stability, sex wasn’t something the partner did well or was interested in.

They decide to leave it be. As long as each relationship was kept separate and the outcast brother next visited the house. So things would carry on, only each didn’t have to lie. but their work and social arrangements would always be as the one identity so no one would know.


Close friend at a social outing says “I don’t know your partner does it, Working all those hours at work and still having the energy to party till late, and its a Wednesday! You are very lucky to have a partner with soo much energy”

If anyone reads this idea and wants to use it, I’d love a credit and a copy:-)