Noise 2 Signal Ratio How Companies Hide Negative Feedback on Social Media

Companies don’t want negative comments. Especially on social media, where a few people providing negative feedback can be viewed by a large number of people. There are two options to limit negative feedback, provide amazing customer service and manage social media portals, allowing clients/customers to easily contact someone about their issues and have them resolved, OR, use the signal to noise system and don’t worry about good customer service. Many companies are providing products or services that are not perfect, and to limit their exposure from Social Media, they implement a system of creating large amount of good noise to limit the bad signal. An example of good noise is:

  • Fake Facebook or Twitter accounts liking promotional posts to make the algorithms raise promotional posts above human posts.
  • Fake Facebook or Twitter accounts reposting company or fake posts and posting with Hashtag noise.
  • Real Facebook and Twitter accounts being paid to retweet/repost company posts.
  • Promotional campaigns, asking people to Post or repost/retweet to Win.
  • Promotion discounts, post and tweet for a discount.

With the above noise, anyone posting or tweeting a complaint is quickly lost in the sea of retweets and promotions, pushing their comment quickly off the page from anyone seeing it without looking deeply. Systems that help hide negative feedback and pay to promote the company: This article is to raise awareness of this activity. To remind everyone to look deeper when researching a product/service or company using social media as a reference.