Lung Remover Small Poultry Processing

Looking for Manual Vacuum Poultry Lung Remover. All Commercial Vacuum units are 3 Phase and $20,000+. We need to process 500 Birds a day. The Lung volume would be 20L with water for the day. If the unit was only used for Lungs. Unit needs to be silent/quiet. ie commercial unit able to run continuously. Overkill: Handheld tools:  - Needs 5.4 Bar of vacuum! 13"-15"-17" Lengths Available No Overhead Valve System 60 PSI Air (4Bar), 16-22 Inches of Vacuum Designed for Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Capons, Quail, Turkey Working out Inches to PSI etc Vacuum cleaner solutions: Contacted:

China: By Hand: $3.55 Canadian