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Australian Bitcoin Exchanges: - Recommended - Easy and Quick Deposit. Don’t consider trading BTC here to make AU cash, exchange fee is too high. Unless you can trade $$$ per month. - Recommended - Only allows purchase of BTC for AU. Good to sign up for and keep ready incase AU -> BTC is cheaper than

US to AU Dollar: - Official Website. Good to keep open to see what is happening.

Newer wallets may use BIP 32 seeds for their private keys, which can be as long as 512 bits.

How big is a 256 Bit Number?

irb(main):008:0> puts startTime 2016-12-30 09:38:47 +1100 => nil irb(main):009:0> puts endTime 2016-12-30 09:40:43 +1100 So 2 minutes. I had to remove the puts as this slowed down the processing considerably. Now to workout how long it would take to loop 256 Bits, all we need to do it take off 32 Bits and times the number by 2 minutes.

The real question is, how long does a supercomputer need to loop through the private keys until it gets a Hit, someones Private Key with Bitcoins attached. And how much would that cost in CPU/Electricity.