An Unlikely Hero

[TV News story] – Presenter: “The Prime Minister is expected to announce new rules for corporations today at 10AM, while we don’t know exactly what will be announced, the prime minister has stated the desire to limit corporations sending money to tax free islands.”

[Outside City Street ] Business person with large briefcase leaving stone building. Shot of briefcase and legs, not full body shot. Walking down city street.

[McDonalds Café’] Shot of shady character sitting and eating a McSomething unhealthy.

Shady character watches as business person walks by, then stuffs Mc Something into mouth and heads out.

[Outdoor Coffee Shop] Business person sits down at a table with coffee, there are reporters setting up microphones nearby. Puts briefcase down beside him.

[Outdoor Coffee Shop] Shady person appears to be casing the area.

[Outdoor Coffee Shop]  Shady person moves behind business man and steals briefcase.. Takes off.

[Outdoor Coffee Shop]  Business Person sees this , swears and shouts. Starts running after.

[Nearby Shops] Chase starts through the shops. Business person catches his breath and checks his watch.

[Near By] Security see the chase and stop the business person, as other security chase after shady character.

[alleys] More scenes of chase, shady character is running for his life.

[ Back at Coffee Shop ] Business person is looking more and more worried and checking time.

The chase continues outside, jumping fences with police after him.

[ Near Coffee Shop] Prime Minister is seen walking out from a government building and towards sea of reporters.

[ Back at Coffee Shop ] Business person is trying to leave, giving hand gestures to not worry about it, I need to go. Police and security are trying to get a police report re the stolen briefcase.

[ Parklands ] Shady character is running across a football field or large open area. Police still after him

[ Edge of Park ] Shady character finally loses them. Hides behind tree in deserted area. Gets his breath. Relaxes. We see the relief and the look of happiness at being able to open the briefcase to see what he wins.

[ Near Coffee Shop] Prime Minister is starting his speech, getting passionate about stopping the flow of cash out of the country, locking up CEOs who don’t support the new rules.

[ Edge of Park ]  Close up. Briefcase opening, we see a bomb inside with a countdown of the last 4 seconds. Maybe a pull back shot with the shady character mouthing fuc….

Scene of police pointing at the forest and the shady character at the tree, they are about to start running towards the shady character when the explosion happens.

[ Near Coffee Shop]  Back at media conference, Police get radio call re what has happened. Business man overhears and attempts to run, only to be caught immediately and cuffed.

Shot of businessman being put into Police Car.

News reporter with worst possible picture of shady character, caption “Local Hero saves Prime Minister”

Would love to make this film, however unavailable for 2+ years to do it. If you would like to use this idea, feel free, would love a thanks credit and copy of film.