A Security Iot Guard Dog

Product idea:

Removing the need for Pets and the associated costs/time. What if a Robot Dog sat next to the bed or in the living room. Its sensors swept the room and monitored all movement and noise. The dog would keep track of where everyone went i.e. Upstairs, in the kitchen, dining room, etc. It would know how many people are in the house, and when a new person enters the house, the protocol would be to interact with the Dog, rub its head, touch it on the shoulder, perform a pattern on its back to let it know this new person is OK. The same system as a real dog, new person enters, dog barks, people in house say, sit down, its only [name].

Using the IOT the Dog can upload pictures of people entering the house and facial recognition can activate things in the house.

The primary reason for the Robot dog is security. The Dog can sit anywhere in the house and not look intrusive, unlike a security camera.

The Dog could even sit in the bedroom. Monitoring movement. Using the profile: Bed is on Left. Door on Right. If Movement goes from BED to DOOR. OK. If Then: Movement goes from door to Bed OK. If movement starts from door Alarm.

The Robot Dog doesn’t need to move, its function is to verbally Alarm and activate IOT systems when alarming. To Mute or Calm the Dog, interaction is needed with the Dog to disarm it.

Form: Dog Ornament. Function: Alarm Dog.

Questions: What if someone intrudes and destroys the Dog? The Dog would be connected to the IOT server and the workflow for the dog would be externalised. Destroying the Dog might stop the Alarm Bark, however the IOT workflow has started and will continue until shutdown, since the Dog is not destroyed, the workflow can’t be stopped by the normal means and will raise alarms with Friends, family, police as directed by the owners.

How complex would the software need to be? Extremely simple. The dog software only needs to track moment of people. It doesn’t need to know who each person is. When a new person enters the scene, the alarm workflow starts until stopped. Think of a house plan. The dog will learn the doors, corridors of a room by seeing people come and go. It will be able to do basic person matching by keeping track of height/shape based on the simple ultrasound sensors. The software will know when someone disappears through a door i.e. bedroom door, they will likely come back from that door. If someone enters the bedroom door and then someone enters from a wall (window) or though the front door, the software knows this is someone new and alarm script should be activated.

Can there be a pre alarm? Dog can “Grrr” lightly when the alarm workflow has started. Letting the owners know to walk up to the Dog and disarm it through the saved disarm pattern. Since this is an IOT Dog, a smart phone app could also be used to disarm or see an image of the person dog is looking at.

Like the idea? Let me know at IOTDog@drobinson.com.au