Hot Water Shower Taps Safety Advice

Our bub can now reach the shower tapes and turn them on.  In Australia the hot water temp is 50 degrees. This is still far to hot for a baby and honestly, who needs to shower with 50 degree water? To remove the risk, I’ve lowered our Instant Gas Hot Water heater to 40 degrees. Below is the process if anyone else has a Kelvinator 26 Gas Hot Water Service: Take off the outside cover above.

Back Feeding the Grid

I’ve read a few Internet posts regarding people who want to self install Solar or Wind energy systems and would prefer to not power the Grid or give free electricity to their energy company. These installations may be small and not wish to invest in upgrading their meter to support back feeding the Grid. I did a quick search and didn’t find anything simple that would do the job. Looking for a small device that can be installed in the meter box or at the entry point to a small setup, ie workshop with Solar panels and Grid* inverter then 240V equipment connected to inverter, this would allow a personal workshop to pull power from Solar when available and from GRID when not available or using larger tools.

Worm Write Once Read Many Storage Satellites

Idea: WORM (Write Once Read Many) Storage Satellites. Sharing knowledge to those that are dying to read it. Background: Governments of the world are not all an inspiration to humanity. Some governments act like children, some like dictators, some are dictators, and some defy logic due to beliefs that should only be held as a patient in a doctors office. So how do we bring knowledge to the world in a way that no government or citizen can stop.

A Security Iot Guard Dog

Product idea: Removing the need for Pets and the associated costs/time. What if a Robot Dog sat next to the bed or in the living room. Its sensors swept the room and monitored all movement and noise. The dog would keep track of where everyone went i.e. Upstairs, in the kitchen, dining room, etc. It would know how many people are in the house, and when a new person enters the house, the protocol would be to interact with the Dog, rub its head, touch it on the shoulder, perform a pattern on its back to let it know this new person is OK.

Threading a Beard

From Wikipedia: Threading is an ancient method of hair removal originating in India.[1] In more recent times it has gained popularity in Western countries, especially with a cosmetic application (particularly for removing/shaping eyebrows). The Hypothesis: My partner mentioned that threading removed hair for weeks. What if? I got my face threaded? Then there would be no shaving for weeks! I would only need to go back every few weeks to remove the new hairs.

A Robot Political Future

January 2015 After reading an interesting blog article from Scott Adams, who expects the future to be decided by software robots, he put the idea in my head about how we could achieve this for political ends. Good or Bad. I’m fairly sure everything I’ve written in this article can be done either today or within 2 years with the right motivation. Things we know: Facebook and Twitter are littered with fake accounts run by Software Robots.

Noise 2 Signal Ratio How Companies Hide Negative Feedback on Social Media

Companies don’t want negative comments. Especially on social media, where a few people providing negative feedback can be viewed by a large number of people. There are two options to limit negative feedback, provide amazing customer service and manage social media portals, allowing clients/customers to easily contact someone about their issues and have them resolved, OR, use the signal to noise system and don’t worry about good customer service. Many companies are providing products or services that are not perfect, and to limit their exposure from Social Media, they implement a system of creating large amount of good noise to limit the bad signal.

Research on Led Theatre Lighting

LED SPOT Lighting for LTC Doing more research this morning on replacing the older expensive globes with LED bulbs, allowing the old, theatre lamp cases to be used. The blown bulb I picked up from the Theatre has a P28S bayonet base. This is only used in Navigation Lights and very old theatre lights. See Replacement bulb costs: $20 for 100 Hours of life! To keep the case, I researched buying a DMX512 receiver and 20+W White LED then building our own.

Cattle Shed Pressure Pump Failure

5 Whys: Cattle Shed Pressure Pump Failure: Purchased a “3.5HP 5 STAGE HIGH PRESSURE AUTO WATER PUMP Garden Tank Spa Pool” pump from ebay seller dreamrideronline with below features: Tomahawk ™ USA Mississipi Waterworx Multistage Pressure Pump (5 Stage) 3.5HP / 2500W 5 Stainless Steel Impellers 9900 Litres/ Hour 165 Litres/ Minute Huge 100m Head for Applications over 3 storeys Self Priming Stainless Steel Pump Housing, Shaft and Impellers Alloy Motor Housing Cermamic and Carbon Seals Automatic Electronic On/Off Controller Thermal Protection.

RJ45 Surge Protector With Backdoor

After reading this: looks like a prototype due to its size, I can see this as an interesting first step to onsite Cracking of Networks or home computers. What I envisage is a small Surge Protector that looks exactly like a normal surge protector with RJ45 outlets for protecting Ethernet cables. In would be plugged in the wall socket and looking like its doing nothing, just like a normal surge protector.