Installing CL-Works for CAS Scale on Wine for Mac

I want to have the Reporter app running to monitor the CAS Scale. I have a spare MacOS X computer to run it on. Instead of running a complete copy of windows, hoping to use wine as the CAS CL-Works is an old 32 bit application.

Followed to get wine installed.

WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 wine CL-Works_v2.93.0_20151013.exe

Need to set wine to 32Bit, defaults to 64 Bit.

cd .wine32
cd .wine32
cd drive_c/
cd Program\ Files/
cd CAS
cd CL-Works/
WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 wine CL-Works_v2.93.0_20151013.exe
This installed fine, but refused to run due to missing DLLs

Tried to do the below:
WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 winetricks mdac28
WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 winetricks jet40
And now it runs but asks about databases. May be missing something else. 
run CL-Works and setup IP config, downloaded PLU Data, looking good.

Lung Remover – Small Poultry Processing

Looking for Manual Vacuum Poultry Lung Remover.

All Commercial Vacuum units are 3 Phase and $20,000+. We need to process 500 Birds a day. The Lung volume would be 20L with water for the day. If the unit was only used for Lungs.

Unit needs to be silent/quiet. ie commercial unit able to run continuously. Overkill:

Handheld tools:

poultry lung removal-VA-1  – Needs 5.4 Bar of vacuum!
13″-15″-17″ Lengths Available
No Overhead Valve System
60 PSI Air (4Bar), 16-22 Inches of Vacuum
Designed for Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Capons, Quail, Turkey

Working out Inches to PSI etc

Model VA 1″ Poultry Lung Removal Nozzle

Vacuum cleaner solutions:




By Hand:

$3.55 Canadian


Air Compressor for Small Poultry Processing Facility – decision made.


  • Single Phase
  • Able to run Air Tools ie Vent cutter (Air: 6.2 bar, max. 8 bar) and snips.
  • Able to pump up tyres and blow dust out of things.
  • Quiet as possible
  • Meets current safety standards.

First option:



  • Quiet – no need for employee ear/noise protection.
  • Won’t Rust
  • Backup Motor, ability to simply switch from one motor to the other if something goes wrong.
  • Due to expense, will need to be secured to building.

Will look out for second hand unit or one on special.

Very Cheap alternative:


Might be worth it for the first year until I can afford the additional quality. However I have found that unless the equipment is not made in China or India, they fail very quick.