Internet in Leppington

Having moved to Leppington, there is only Fibre in the new estates or very bad ADSL in the older, nicer area. Such a contrast. So this is what I have currently done to survive.

4G: 70GB for $79 per month. Ouch. Plus the worst part: “Data on mobile networks includes uploads and downloads”. This uses the Optus 4G.

Now that we have some Home Automation, and streaming Radio with Amazon Echo/Dot. We need more data.

Option A:

Setup Pt 2 Pt link to someone with Fibre. (4.2 KM away, line of sight). Currently looking for someone who is willing to get free Internet.

option B:

Look for other GB Plans: 90GB 3G Capped. $73.95 90GB $74.00 unlimited calls.

YAY:: Optus has a 140GB for $70 september special. And includes free Radio streaming!  This is a big GB usage at the moment.

If needed:

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