Better Yesterday: Safety First

Lessoned learned: Last night I raced out into the cold, in a rush, looking for firewood. Found a log that was almost cut into half and thought, if I whack this against another log, it will surely break in half. As it was dark I didn’t take into account of other items around and as the log hit with full force, another branch decided to dislodge and fly directly back, giving a nice whack to the head. Luckily above the eye and not directly at the eye. Very lucky.

This gave some food for thought. Safety First Always. And more importantly, plan ahead. The only reason I rushed out in the cold night was due to lack of Firewood ready to burn. Had I made sure the pile at the house was always full and not let run down to empty, this and any future event, would not happen.

Better Tomorrow:

Always keep the firewood pile stocked with enough for 1 night. Removing this risk for myself and anyone else.