Next Sydney Rental

Looking for  a House with 2-5 Acres of Land in the Western Sydney area. 30 Minutes from Penrith.

Waiting 2 years for prices to drop down to 2014 housing prices before buying. i.e. when interest rates go back to 6%.


  • House must have modern Kitchen and bathroom. Dishwasher or connection for dish washer. Non neg.
  • Land for growing chickens, Ducks and Turkeys.
  • Approval to have small animals and market garden on property. No places that want the 3-5 acres mowed and nothing else allowed.
  • Nothing that feels like we are working for the owner and paying rent i.e. (you’ll be required to maintain the rose garden and lawns to the same state).
  • Infrastructure i.e. Sheds, ready to go for running the business.
  • Not on main road i.e. must be quiet without trucks driving past everyday.
  • Safe areas for children to run around.

Nice Haves:

  • Pool
  • Space for our larger than Australian Normal washing machine and dryer.

URLs: Only looking at

List of houses being considered:

  1. 40+ minutes to work on a good day.

List of houses applied for:

  1.  — Not sure why we didn’t get the property. Love to know.

List of houses looked at:

  1. Nice, little small and the sound from the main road travels all over the property. Plus a car recently lost control and damaged a fence.

List of houses not considered:

  1. 34 GLENIDOL RD Oakville. Only 1 acre. to small.