Reasons to Switch away from iPhone

My iPhone 6Plus will be out of contract within the next 2 months and the choice needs to be made, upgrade or switch.

My Family has had every version of the iPhone pre iPhone 6 Plus. And at each period, the choice was simple, the iPhone was simpler to use, worked and powerful. But today that story is different, the iPhone 7 is out and, I don’t know, I’m no longer looking forward to the upgrade, this is a big change from previous years.

Some of the reasons are:

  • Needing to buy a special charger cable with inbuilt apple chip. Sure if there was something really cool in that chip, but so far I don’t see any benefit to paying 3-5x more for a USB cable just to charge my phone. Plus the third party cables will work fine for 1 year and then after an apple software update, refuse to work and display a warning message. As a consumer, I need to know that Apple USB Cables are far superior yet they look the same as last just as long as the cheap ones. So why bother?
  • Easy Break – Not happy that Apple is making thinner and what appears more fragile phones that need “protection” for everyday use. What is the point of making a phone thinner if everyone needs to buy a thinker case to protect it. Seriously, this is just stupid. Then there is the limited battery life from a thinner phone. I would be happy with the same or even thicker iPhone 6 Plus if it meant another day of battery and a little extra metal to protect the screen.
  • My iPhone 6 may have the Touch Disease that is going around. Fixed in the iPhone 6S design. Again, this is an expensive phone that I expect to last 5 years. If I’m forced to upgrade because the product has become defective from normal use within 2-3 years, this feel dirty and not the apple I once knew.
  • Recently the screen cracked and needs to be replaced. It smashed from a drop 50cm high… seriously.. just hit on the right angle. Again, I buy apple products for the quality and ease of use. But if that quality is being lowered to add a few extra dollars into Apples Cash Chest, but not lowering the price point, then, as a consumer my interest will move to other options.

Honestly, there is a very good chance I’ll stick with the apple ecosystem due to lack of time to repurchase and learn a new environment. However the google phones are looking very interesting and I may change if I get hold of one. My interest in getting the latest Apple product that is more limited than the old product is very low. I might get a second hand iPhone 6S Plus. Then I’ll still have an upgrade but without the risk and cost and feel a little happier not giving apple more money to develop products with less.


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