Gumtree – Auto resubmit your expired adverts with this iMacro script

Gumtree Adverts expire regularly and their website (although recently updated) feels like the owner has little interest in promoting the service and adding features.

I’ve written a small iMacro script that quickly reposts expired Adverts. Saving 30 Minutes a month, waiting for pages to reload and searching for expired adverts.

How to use:

Install iMacros in your favourite web browser (I prefer Firefox for iMacros)

Create a new script with the below OR click this link to auto install the below script once iMacros has been installed.

TAG POS=1 TYPE=SPAN ATTR=CLASS:c-underline<SP>c-bold

Yep, 3 lines of code.

Now select the Macro, once installed, Under Play, use the Repeat Macro option and enter in the number of expired Adverts you think you have, then click play (Loop).

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 8.39.35 PM

Done. This saves hours of annoyance and time each month.

Fixing a slow Macbook Air

Stage 1:
Check Java. Needs Update. Updated.
uninstall PinIt safari extension and removed other non used and disabled safari extensions.
MacOS X Updates — Very slow.. gave up.
uptime 27 Days. rebooting

Stage 2:
Deleted some non trustworthy running apps.
Lots of Mac Updates now appearing. Updating OS
All updated.

Stage 3: User Testing to see if speed has improved.