Repair Electric Kids Car

We found a Kids electric vehicle on the side of the road. Looking very dusty and sad. After a heavy cleanup we got it looking like:


Quick Google Search found similar cars new from $200+. So if we can get this going cheaply:-)

tl;dr video:

Step 1:

See what is wrong.

Battery has completely Died. (I hope that is all that is wrong. Only one way to tell)

Step 2: Purchase new Battery:

1 TAICO 12V 7Ah AGM(TP1270)
TAICO TP1270 12V 7Ah AGM
Standard $21.95 $21.95
Sub-Total: $21.95
Shipping & Handling: $10.00
Do You want to Add Freight Insurance. It is calculated at 2.5% on top of your order value. no Freight Insurance: $0
Total: $31.95

Step 3: Install new Battery:


Working Car!!

But the problem with these toys is the Battery, if the battery is left discharged, it will quickly fail. And kids don’t know that a toy needs to be recharged after each use.

To fix this situation for a toy that is primarily used outdoors, a solar panel and charger is the perfect fix.

IMG_3721 IMG_3722

Now we have a solar powered car that goes and goes, no need to recharge it when the little one wants to play:-)


How to find who a domain is registered with

Here is my process (and reference) for locating who is controlling the registration and renewal of a domain name.


lookup domain name with whois:

Domain Name:           
Last Modified:                   02-Jul-2016 00:08:55 UTC
Status:                          serverHold (Expired)
Status:                          serverUpdateProhibited (Expired)
Registrar Name:                  TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd
Registrant:                      Echo Publications Pty. Limited
Registrant ID:                   OTHER 004000239
Eligibility Type:                Other
Registrant Contact ID:           HASI1419
Registrant Contact Name:         Simon Haslam
Registrant Contact Email:        Visit for Web based WhoIs
Tech Contact ID:                 C74220-AD
Tech Contact Name:               Simon Haslam
Tech Contact Email:              Visit for Web based WhoIs
Name Server:           
Name Server:           
DNSSEC:                          unsigned

We see that TPP Wholesale is the Registrar Name. However they wholesale and we need to  know who is the person with a wholesale account.

Step2: Looking up TPP wholesale reseller

We see that the reseller is:

However looking at this Web Developer, there is no domain registration or renewal pages, allowing clients to renew a domain. Since TPP Wholesale is being used, the known standard for partner portals is
Step3: Looking up Renewal Portal
In our case the hopeful didn’t work. This means the name was something different before. So time to deep dive.
looking up who owns
Domain Name:           
Last Modified:                   16-May-2015 13:45:18 UTC
Status:                          ok
Registrar Name:                  TPP Internet
Registrant:                      STOTZ, FLORIAN NDUNGU
Registrant ID:                   ABN 31060221239
Eligibility Type:                Sole Trader
Registrant Contact ID:           TPP142225-R
Registrant Contact Name:         Florian Stotz
Registrant Contact Email:        Visit for Web based WhoIs
Tech Contact ID:                 TPP532235-C
Tech Contact Name:               Florian Stotz
Tech Contact Email:              Visit for Web based WhoIs
Name Server:           
Name Server:           
DNSSEC:                          unsigned

How about we google “Florian Stotz”. Aha Linked in page “” We see this person past was using the name “eDesign International

Trying worked!

Step 4: Contact the reseller, etc.


To get the email addresses of the domain name contact use:

Make sure the email address of a domain is not the same as the domain itself. Otherwise if the domain has issues, email and alerts that there is an issue will also fail.




Increasing VEDA Credit Score

In my past lives I’ve worked through a company for business and income. This had its benefits, however today my income is PAYE and I need to buy a family home. Much to my surprise I found that my Veda Credit store was AVG to below AVG. Part of the reason was that I never have taken out a loan in my name, only credit cards. Everything was always put through the business.

This is the story of trying to get my Veda Credit Score up to a above average level. Hopefully this will help others understand the Australian Financial System.

Step 1:

Get a copy of the reports Veda and D and B:

Both are FREE, don’t let the evil marketing side of the business make you pay. They already get income from the financial institutions who use and share your data.

I found MAJOR problems with my D and B report. Another person and their debts were attached to my name. Seriously, the names, addresses and states did not match, I have no idea how I was linked to the other person.

VEDA had a few weird entries that I tried to correct without success. Wasn’t happy. But now I know they are on the report and can clarify should it come up.

Lessoned Learned from the above:

  • Be very careful who you give access to, for the file. Lets say you are a business person and you look around for a loan or credit card. You do your due diligence and talk to 3 banks to see what they can do. Then you choose the best offer. Well the financial guys seem to not like this and behind the scenes will make your credit look awful after by giving the appearance you are desperate and getting knocked back from each lender. The report doesn’t state that you decided not to go ahead with the loan. So this will adversely cause the credit score to go down.
  • Get your credit reports every year for free or immediately after/if you have been knocked back for a loan. Check them. As these guys do not check what is added, its all computer done, and if something bad is added, the electronic systems will not ask you, are these 5 credit cards overdrawn on your account yours? The automation loan systems will simply say declined.

Step 2: Monitor the score Monthly:

Its free, however you only get a number. Based on an algorithm that I can’t find. Below is my regularly updated score:
2017-06: 645 Good – ? I’m trying to close a Credit Card (60 seconds to sign up, 3 months to close. %^@@&# Banks) so this may have made a difference. Will request a credit report.
2017-03: 610 Average – Still same.
2017-02: 610 Average – interesting.
2016-12: 610 Average – I took an offer to increase a CC limit. To see if this would make a difference. No change. So its only new applications, not increases? or it might depend on the untrustworthy Credit Card company.
2016-11: 610 Average – Up 9 points. Time based from last loan/CC application?
2016-10:  601 Average – Why the change? No idea. In March I’ll request my file next year and see what happened.
2016-08: 588 Average
2016-07: 588 Average
2016-06: 588 Average
2016-06: Applied and funded loan through Society One. Interest and Loan Application was very High. I honestly wouldn’t have taken it normally, however I saw this as more of a down payment to get gain a credit score for a housing loan.
2016-05: 582 Average
2016-04: 582 Average
2016-04: Fixed credit reports with d and b.
2016-03: 559 Average
2016-03: Knocked back on a personal Loan. Much to my surprise. This started the fact finding process.

Step 3: Get a Loan to pay off.

This might sound counter intuitive. But giving the financial institutions money helps your credit score. As long as you pay the debt off, of course. So take out a loan that you can afford, use the cash on something that will return income or lower other debt. This is my experiment. So far it has increased my credit score, see Step 2. It will be interesting to see the credit score once the loan is 100% paid back and closed.

I strongly recommend Society One. They are transparent about the process and detail what is happening behind the scenes.. I doubt I would have discovered the problems and fixed them by going to a Bank.

Loan I received was 15.37 % p.a with a $950 establishment fee. Massive costs. However I hope that the results will allow cheaper loans in the future and pay back this high investment.


BMW 523i 1997 E39 Key Repair Notes

The remote key rubber pads wore down and water got in. This is the process to fix it:

Step 1: Replace key fob rubber buttons.

  • – Car Remote Key FOB 3 Button Rubber Pad Replacement For BMW E38 E39 E36 Z3 E46 for AU$1.33.BMWKeyFob
  • Had to cut it a little to fit the original Shell. Looks perfect.

Step 2: Replace Battery:

  • Genuine Panasonic Lithium Batteries CR2016 or CR2025 3V button cell coin battery. $4.95 for the pack.
  • Car is locking and unlocking again! Yay. However buttons are not working perfectly. Found the Carbon strips on the plastic buttons are no longer making the electrical connections.

Step 3: Touch up plastic wire connections on “32” plastic button.

  • Researched on bimmerforums and found:
  • Electric Wire Draw Circuit Repair PCB Conductive Glue 18ml. $5.50
  • Tried it but glue wasn’t flexible. As the plastic top needed the connection, the glu quickly broke off.
  • IMG_3153

Step 4:

  • Look for a replacement.
  • Found the exact same Key:
  • Found instructions for connecting  a new key:
  • Initialize rubber E38 Key
  • After much searching. I couldn’t find JUST the plastic. However I can get a replacement Key for:
    AU $18.90

Better image from Bimmer forums:

How To Initialize Old and New Style Remote Keys

Step 5:

Leave it be Until I can find a way to recoat the plastic. Or purchase the replacement Key.

I have another working key. So it isn’t a big issue. Just would be nice to finish this little project.

Little extra research:

  • $15 for a tube. But it can wash away with water. Not sure if it will last.
  • There are many options on (as always) and cheap, nothing that ships to AUS yet. Next time I head to US, might order one of these to fix it.
  • or next time in Dublin, maybe look for parts.