Baby and Hot Water Shower Taps – Safety Advice

Our bub can now reach the shower tapes and turn them on. 

In Australia the hot water temp is 50 degrees. This is still far to hot for a baby and honestly, who needs to shower with 50 degree water? To remove the risk, I’ve lowered our Instant Gas Hot Water heater to 40 degrees. Below is the process if anyone else has a Kelvinator 26 Gas Hot Water Service:


Take off the outside cover above. 4 screws.


Turn the power off and take off the Gas Heater cover.


The DIP Switches are located in the logic board box, bottom left.


Change the three right DIP switches to OFF, as shown. This will change the water temperature to a max of 40 degrees. The buttons, as far as I can tell, are simply the alternative to the remote control. You can adjust the temperature, Up, Down, and lower to MIN or raise to MAX. I couldn’t find the Service Manual for this unit to verify what the buttons do, from my limited testing, they appear to control the temp for a limited duration.


I hope this helps others possibly save a hot water burn.

David Robinson.

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