Various Options for Car Rental with Tow Bar

Going from Sydney to Goldcoast Airport

Hertz gives a nice list of Vehicles.. But then says they are all SOLD OUT on the Date. There is no option to find out when they will be available. So I need to keep changing the Dates till I get one… Grumble.

Giving up and moving to next place. Ahh Trying: Excellent list of options. Doesn’t have everyone.

Perfect! Right price compared to the other options.

How to get to Work / Home

This is a download of options regarding how to get to Work. I live 18 minutes from Work. And for the most part I work Shift Work for 12 Hours. This means I need the Car for the whole day, although I only need to drive it to and from work. Looking for alternatives.

Scooter / Motorbike: I used to ride but gave it up for safety reasons. Riding in Sydney seems like a very bad option. Even for a short trip. It only takes one car or truck to make a bad move and your down.

Pushbike¬† / electric bike: Same issue as scooter. One rock in the wrong place and your down. I don’t want to take the risk of being injured and not able to work efficiently.

Public Transport. The 18 minute drive becomes 1:30.

Walking or Running. 2+ Hours. Plus Sydney is not the safest place to go running with computer equipment regularly.

This leaves 2nd Car as the only other option. Estimated costs to be $1000 per year minimum. 1000 / 52 = $20 per week.

To purchase another car would be $1000 to get something half decent. Or we do have a Car at another property that is 12 hours away. Would take a day to drive to Sydney plus $100 in fuel.

Work is 16KM away. 34KM per day for 4 days. 4 * 34 = 136 KM. Car costs about $50 per 450KM. 50 / 450  = $0.11 per KM * 136 = $15 per 4 days.

Add in insurance etc and it comes to $35 per week. Give or Take

So the question is, am I happy to spend $35 per week to allow my love to have freedom while I’m at work.