Transporting a Boat + Trailer from Sydney to Ballina

Need: Transport Trailer + Boat that is unregistered to Ballina from Sydney.

Trailer capacity is 1067KG. Supports 17-19ft boats.

Quotes: $900. Truck goes every week. However needs to be booked in by Monday.
Toddtrans $100 ph on tilt back truck. – Sent online contact quote request. – Sent online contact request. – Sent online contact.

Need to get a Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) Cost is paperwork time + Permit fee: $21.
Tyres are looking old and tired. Need pumping up. Will need to be careful for 800KM trip. Will need spare, if none available.
Car Hire. Avis is the cheapest. $388.80.  Main cost is the $200 for leaving it at another place.
Additional Time:
Cutting off lock with angle grinder. 1h + 2h travel time.
Pickup rental car. 1 h
Drop off rental car. 1h.
Paperwork for UVP if at RTA. 2h.
Fuel for vehicle SYD->BAL $100?

Estimated Total Cost: $490 + possibility of replacement tyres + time to prep. vs $900 for delivery to Ballina Depot and I can pickup at Ballina and carefully drive it the last few KMs with Farm car.

Monthly cost $530? at storage location.
Best Option:
$900 is a good price. No stress about replacing tyres, paperwork and time prepping. They will pickup at self storage, drop off at Ballina.

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