Research on LED Theatre Lighting

LED SPOT Lighting for LTC

Doing more research this morning on replacing the older expensive globes with LED bulbs, allowing the old, theatre lamp cases to be used. The blown bulb I picked up from the Theatre has a P28S bayonet base. This is only used in Navigation Lights and very old theatre lights.
Replacement bulb costs:
$20 for 100 Hours of life!
To keep the case, I researched buying a DMX512 receiver and 20+W White LED then building our own. While this will work, the cost in labour is too high at this time.
The Original research on PAR64 LED Lights was around colour effects and basic lighting only. Not Flood. Hence our current LED lights provide nice effects on stage, however they are not useful for direct lighting. Technology has moved forward since the original LED light purchase and we now have have available RGBW Lights as standard. These come with Red, Green, Blue and White LEDS to provide White and allow tinting by turning on Red and Blue.
Cheapest Option I’ve found is:
Its the cost of 3 replacement globes. To put it into perspective.
While this light will never match the warmth of the current lights. It is a good stepping stone for replacing the lights that are more for spot lighting. Plus this is considerably cheaper than any commercial LED light that will match the colour temp and functionality of the Warm Lights we have now.
I recommend not purchasing replacement spot bulbs where possible and purchasing 2 of the above for trial and use.
For general Stage lighting, the Flood Lights will be useful for many years. The bulbs are cheap (under $10) and last hundreds of hours. It will be a long time before we can warrant the cost to replace them.

My Next Car

I’ve been thinking about my next car purchase. Bouncing ideas around about going completely electric or continuing limiting my petrol use. I have a very strong desire of removing external costs such as petrol/diesel. And not having to care what the petrol price is today or listening to the news about petrol this and petrol that.

My Prius 2006 uses very little fuel for what I use it for, and more importantly, needs very little maintenance. So far I’ve only needed to change the tyres for Rego. Considering other cars I’ve owned, this is amazing.

Requirements for my car purchase:

  • Must use less Petrol than current car.
  • Must have all the same safety features or more.
  • Must more general features.
  • Must not cost more in maintenance over 5 years than current car.
  • Must be cost effective to own.

Looking at 100% electric vehicles, the catch has always been the initial cost. The premium of an all electric vehicle over a 3 year old vehicle + maintenance + fuel (for my usage) never comes out in front. Which seems weird considering the electric vehicle should be cheaper with less moving parts. But the catch is I’m always basing it off a Prius that is already very cheap to run.

After much pondering over the last 3 months. I’ve come to a final decision, a Prius ZVW30R I-tech. 3rd Generation. Nice step up from my loved 2nd generation 2006 PRIUS. Will be looking at 2010 Model. Just out of Warranty enough to start playing with adding Extra Batteries and only using Fuel when absolutely required.

To get it at the right price, the desire is to have the cash available and purchase direct from an Auction or Private Sale. Saving a few more thousand off the Market Price.

My Prius 2006 will return to the Farm with the desire of also switching to Plug In with extra Batteries and charging from Solar Panels.

The key benefits of choosing this option is there are thousands of PRIUS owners in Australia. This means Parts are going to be reasonable and as the PRIUS have been around for a while, conversion kits are available to purchase without having to start fresh and waste time/money testing things.

Very happy with this decision.