Backup Backup and a Congested Network

I live in an Apartment complex in Pemulwuy, Sydney. Due to the only Internet Provider in the area being Telstra with its expensive 2 year contracts and ADSL only, I decided to share the neighbours WIFI Internet and chip in for the cost of the Internet connection and extra downloads I would use. This was a considerable saving on trying to do it myself.

However, being in an Apartment Complex means a congested 2.4 Ghz WIFI Network. Ethernet CAT6 would be perfect but I’m in a rental and can’t drill holes in the walls/ceiling. This means I need to go for Option 2, switch to less congested WIFI network, the 5Ghz space.

The first step is to purchase a 2.4Ghz/5Ghz WIFI Router, I’ve chosen the Apple Airport Time Capsule with 2TB of Disk Space. This will allow all the Apple computers to backup over the Wireless connection. I’ll be placing the new WIFI router half way between the neighbours WIFI router and my computers to allow it to extend the Internet from the congested 2.4Ghz to the clean 5Ghz network. In addition I’ll be hiding it and securing it. As this is also my Backup should anything happen to my computers. I need to know if anything does happen, the backup will be safe.

Apple Airport Time Capsule has been ordered and I’m crossing my fingers for a faster and safer Network. At least until I find someone with NBN that I can link too.


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