I want nuclear power

Nuclear Power

This is my post about why I love nuclear power.  Australia is the perfect country to adopt nuclear power. We have stable earth and plenty of it. No major earthquakes and earth far away from the sea, should anything bad blast us from elsewhere.

The raw resources are available and currently exported to other countries. There is plenty of it for our needs and the needs of others.

New reactors create little waste compared to anything else available for the same amount of electrical energy created.

The amount of CO2 pollution created from an advanced reactor is minimal compared to other alternatives with the same amount of energy created.

The primary waste is Heat, which can be converted to a useful byproduct if the reactor is placed where heat is needed. It could allow food to be grown locally that wouldn’t normally be able to due to the “cold” climate.

Like all technology, the more we play with it, the more we learn and the more efficient it gets. I’m sure there was a time when the idea of small nuclear reactors in people’s homes or villages to provide heating and electricity without fumes and the constant need for refilling.

I hope that science prevails and we stop using CO2 polluting technologies and move to technologies that can provide 24/7 energy without the need for massive power grids across the land.

David (daeta) Robinson


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